As much as I’d like to forget that last heat-wave (I do my best to delete the summer of 2003 from my memory) there were some things that – looking back, of course – were nice. And mostly liquid.

New Gin & Tonic recipe:


One of these in the evening made the heat at least a bit bearable.
What’s in it?

a generous (think big here!) helping of Gin
frozen lemon slices (instead of ice)
pink grapefruit juice
sparkling water


New tea mug (and giant macaroon)


This one is fast becoming my favourite tea-cup (I’m equally picky about the shape and feel of the cup as I am about the tea in it). I bought it up North when I visited my parents. It’s from Le Creuset and I was totally floored to find that they now even make a proper teapot to go with this cup.
I like everything about it, the size, the weight (stoneware not porcelain) and the colour.

New camera (non-liquid)


I’ve finally managed to find a new camera, so I will spend the weekend and the next week getting used to it and producing lots of test pictures. A week from now I will be sitting in a train to London where I plan to make good use of my electric toy :-)! I’m off to the market now and then back to my desk for a few hours. Have a good weekend!