Catching up 2

Welcome to the second part of what I’ve been up to during my two-months-absence! Today I present to you …..

my first ever 3 ply!



It’s Crown Mountain Farm Corriedale in ‘As above so below’ and it was really easy to spin!


I managed to wring 466 m out of 4 oz! Which meant no more excuses not to knit socks with it. Unfortunately I tend to felt even socks made of store-bought superwash sock yarn but I’ll just have to wear these at home on the couch and everything will be fine!


What you can’t really see in this picture are the subtle colour changes, almost like a Zitron Trekking Ombré yarn. Knitting these is going slowly right now because the Tour de Fleece is taking up all my free time! But those hours and hours at my spinning wheel will be worth it! More on that in a separate post!

Before I get back to the wheel I leave you with a picture of my attempt on cooking something tasty out of beets!


Love the red colour and I successfully avoided dying my hands! Those are beets in Thai Curry/coconut sauce. I still have a mountain of zucchini, cucumbers and cabbage to conquer this week!
See U!

Catching up 1

So, after my total absence from my own blog and commenting on the blogs I read let’s try a recap of the last, well 2 months?!

Overall, there was lots of work and reading and teaching and I’m really glad this is the last week of the semester! Two more seminars tomorrow and of course 204 tests to grade but after that there will be time to relax and time to work on my dissertation research!

I’ve spent a weekend in Berlin at the beginning of June and met up with fellow blogger and knitter Katie. We had lots of fun! Berlin itself was nice as well and I had to let go of some of my reservations about that particular city.Unfortunately, I took a total of THREE pictures and none worth showing here 😦

After this weekend outing things sped up in my garden and I’ still swamped with beans, zucchini, cucumbers (yay, finally!) and as of yesterday with potatoes and beets. And the pumpkin plant shows the first tiny pumpkins! My back still hurts after bending over for quite some time and lugging everything back home afterwards. While it is really cool to grow my own veggies it is also hard and above all time-consuming. I’m not sure if I’ll do it again next year.

Right now I’m looking for new ways to cook the abundance of zucchini and tried my first zucchini galette, courtesy of smitten kitchen and recommended by barefootrooster’s blog.



Right now I’m really busy with the Tour de Fleece but before the start I finished my stripey shawl!



The details

Pattern: Stripe Study by veera from Rain Knitwear design

Yarn: Araucania Ranco solid (purple) and Old Maiden Aunt Merino Superwash (Marmelade skies)

I really like how this turned out! It looks crazy and stylish and is very soft.

I’m off now to my baking hot flat and my spinning wheel. Also, I’ll have to bake a vegan cake for tomorrow’s last lecture. Top-floor flat + baking + 29 °Celsius = not a good combo! More on my plans to remedy that by next summer later. I’ll be back soon with Tour de Fleece progress pics and more tales. See U!

Green boots…ähm… thumb


I finally remembered to take my camera with me to my vegetable patch today! Somehow I never got round to explain why I suddenly have a vegetable patch while still living in a top-floor flat without a balcony. So, here goes!
On a grey day at the office back in January I stumbled upon a link to an organisation renting out plots in several cities just for planting and harvesting vegetables. If you want to have a garden and grow your own veggies in a german city you either have to have a garden attchached to your home or rent an allotment. Now, “renting” an allotment is very often something more like buying an allotment which can be very expensive and is usually a commitment for several years. Another downside of german allotments (Schrebergarten) is the fact that you join an association and have to abide by its rules. Since a lot of this associations are a bit “bourgeois” and very conservative you could end up with neighbours and committee members measuring the size of your beds and the length of the grass. The nice allotments are few and far between and I abandoned this concept for me.
meine Ernte” (translated into “my harvest”) offers different sizes of vegetable patches for one year, pre-planted with around 20 vegetables, and provides the “tenants” with gardening tools and water. So, after looking at barefootrooster’s pictures of her CSA share for a long time and wishing for something similar here in Germany I pounced on this opportunity and rented a 45 sqm vegetable patch. The garden was officially opened just before Easter and since then everything has grown significantly!

Here’s the spinach:




red cabbage:


I wanted to take pictures of all vegetables for documentation but my camera gave up on me halfway though. There’s a lot more going on now and I will have to put up some netting for the peas and the beans soon! I’m off to make myself supper – red oak leaf lettuce straight from the field! I’ll be back with progress on the stripes soon! See U!