From the cauldron

As promised, reports on my spinning and cooking activities!

Since I’m very much into cowls at the moment – so useful and easy to wear – I wanted to spin up the second bump of the Hello Yarn Cauldron Polwarth. The first bump was finished ages ago (around February, I think) but the meterage wasn’t enough for a nice snuggly cowl.



I’m attempting to match the yarn I’ve already finished which is a bulky weight chain-ply. Looks ok so far:


While rummaging around I found one yarn that I haven’t blogged about at all despite it being a novelty for me – a heavy laceweight single.


It’s a Southern Cross Fibre Club, colourway ‘Wisteria’ on a mixed Corriedale. The singles are still a bit ‘wavy’ but I really liked how it turned out. I got over 400 meters out of the 4 oz which should be enough for a small shawl.

Also, I spent Saturday partly at my desk but also in the kitchen playing around with some of Heidi Swanson’s recipes:

Yummy Sesame Seed Banana Bread:


I had to substitute the mixture of black and white sesame seeds for all white ones and I skipped the icing. Tastes delicious and not too sweet.

I had a rice casserole for dinner from cookbook I mentioned in my last post but it was already too dark to take pictures. This was equally tasty and I will certainly make this again!

Now for a relaxed Sunday without any work, just knitting and spinning and listening to my new Mumford & Sons CD. Great music I’ve only recently discovered although the cover of the new record strangely resembles a Tommy Hilfiger ad…

The Daily Post – topic # 51

When you’re feeling down, what music cheers you up?

Well, that depends on if I’m feeling down because (1) I’ve faced stupid and rude people,  the woes of public transport and other forces of nature or (2) am simply sad because of mysterious causes such as PMS and the weather and / or personal failures.

In case (1) I’d put either one of the following on repeat:

  • The Ramones – Anthology
  • Dead Kennedys – Fresh fruit for rotten vegetables
  • AC/DC – Highway to hell

Case (2) would mean a different approach – first choice would be either one of this songs:

  • Wonderful world, beautiful people – Jimmy Cliff
  • You can get it if you really want – Desmond Dekker
  • Three little birds – Bob Marley

On a side note: The Dead Kennedys had a good time on my turntable Thursday night…