Out and about

So, as promised I’m back with some evidence that now and then I do leave my desk now and then! A few weeks ago on the first sunny and warm Sunday I went on a lovely walk along the Rhine in the south part of town and remembered to take my camera with me.


You can walk directly at the riverbank though I suspect at the moment this will be all underwater. While we didn’t suffer any flooding here, the Rhine is filled to the brim.

There were sheep!


Lots of lambs:


Interesting trees:



And fields full of rapeseed…



A lovely walk although I managed to get sunburned. I’m enjoying the sun anyway while the temperatures are still bearable.
I’ll leave you with a picture of the Dew Drops Shawl I cast on – finally taken during an afternoon of knitting at the park yesterday.



Weekend round-up

After labouring through the review on ‘Excellent Women’ on Thursday evening and Friday I decided to put away all thoughts on blogging for the weekend. Saturday turned out  a fairly grey day and after a quick trip to the farmer’s market and the grocer’s I settled in for a day of quiet puttering around in my flat. Thankfully I managed cleaning and vacuuming everything Friday after work and could enjoy my tidy living space!
So, I spread my time between

  • my spinning wheel where I made small but visible progress on what will hopefully become a fingering weight 3 ply Corriedale:


  • my book-case where I managed to enter one of many shelves of books into my LibraryThing database. Also, I tidied and reorganized my books last weekend and realized I will need a third bookcase and additional Billy shelves in the near future…


  • my sofa where I first read a good part of ‘The Angel’s Game’ and later watched my favourite ‘Vicar of Dibley’ episodes and two episodes of ‘Lewis’ I hadn’t seen yet. Nice!


I had a good Sunday as well but I’ll leave that for another post. Back to work now!