WIP Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and therefore time for WIP-Wednesday!


As you can see I made good progress on my green socks but sadly, that’s all there is to see. I didn’t work on the Woodland shawl and since I’ve been away for the weekend I couldn’t spin at all. Therefore, a mini-post!

In non-knitting news, I finally finished grading the tests and spent the afternoon with a friend out in the sun. Felt like spring is not far away today!
Also, I’m thinking about buying a Smartphone and would be grateful for any advice! So many things to decide: Android? Symbian? Big display, small display? Which camera?

I’m off to have a look at the other WIPs and then my spinning wheel is beckoning me!

WIP Wednesday!

I’m trying to post more regularly this year and maybe the key to this is writing every week on the same day about a more or less fixed topic. So I’m joining the Work in progress Wednesday bandwagon!

Right now I only have a meagre two WIPs with any visible progress on my needles, so here goes!


Eat your greens socks


I have a love/hate relationship with sock patters. I love the idea of intricate socks with lots of cables or lace but whenever I start knitting a pair it always ends of as a Sleeping Beauty. I have socks in my hibernation pile I wanted to finish for my sister’s birthday THREE years ago. Still not finished, and the pattern is by no means complicated. There must be some River Rapids, Broadripples and Jaywalkers somewhere, all in various states of UFOdom. So, no patterned socks for me. I usually stick to my plain stockinette recipe and just buy outrageous sock yarn. This time though, I wanted to knit with this awesome Old Maiden Aunt superwash Merino sock yarn which is very subtly dyed and practically screams for some texture. Enter Basketweave! No pattern to follow, no rows to count! I just have to count to four!
So far, I love the texture and the first sock is growing quickly. The 13 hours’ train ride on the weekend will provide ample knitting time for these!

Woodland Shawl

My current lace project will probably take me a long time – rectangular shawls seem to grow in slow-motion. I’m ok with that, though and the constant colour change provided by the Aade Long yarn keeps it interesting and pleasing. My only problem with this Shawl is its unphotogenic attitude – it took me over ten attempts to get one semi-decent picture and it’s still kind of blurry! I’ll try to take some pictures outside this weekend.