Postcards from Friesland

So, to keep with the good intentions for this blog, I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera! It seems like I last did this in June 2013 which means there are lots of things I have yet to blog about (more backlog – fibre, yarn, books, pictures and stories – getting there!). Since I very much want to go forward now I’m starting with the first trip I made after handing in my dissertation in December. Before spending Christmas with my parents I went to Friesland (NL) for a few days with my best friend. We had a lovely time walking at the sea, shopping in Groningen and overall just relaxing. Grab yourself a cuppa and relax with the pictures as well, if you like (or go view the slide show on Flickr)











Next post will be a batch of yarn and fibre related pics, promise! See U!


A study of London: No.1 – Views

So, here it is, finally, after much thinking and writing and sorting through pictures – London post No. 1. As promised, it’s all about views!

All pictures courtesy of M, my fellow traveler! Cheers, mate!

Almost everything in London was exciting and interesting and – obviously, because this was my first time in this city – new (for evidence, see the 280 pictures M took!). So writing about views should be a bit redundant because nearly every look produced a ‘postcard view’, a sight, something a bit grander than a mere look.

The most striking views could be caught from higher places, like Parliament Hill..


or the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park…


…but also in surprising glimpses where I didn’t expect them. The Gherkin seemed to pop up in the most curious places, behind other buildings, amidst foliage and more exposed while viewed from the Southbank…


… and the steps in front of the National Gallery provided a surprising angle of Big Ben.


Even before arriving I was sure I would like London. Looking on the map back at home, there were lots and lots of place names and streets sounding familiar because I’ve read about them. I drove my travel companion M nuts with this ( he was a lot more sceptic about London and always rooted for Amsterdam as the winner. He is now a staunch supporter of all things London, apart from the ghastly coffee they served at our guesthouse, but that was easily remedied by Costa:


This coffee was a sight in itself 😉

But back to the views! London is filled to the brim with historic sites and beautiful old buildings next to high-rise glass and steel structures and my overall impression was that this mixture worked very well.


The buildings at Canary Wharf looked even more futuristic than those in the City…


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a river as dirty as the Thames (and bear in mind that you could once pop your films into the Rhine and fish them out fully developed 😉 ). On our last day in London I bought a German newspaper (Die Süddeutsche) which featured an article about a British comedian (German article) who swam in the Thames for eight days to raise money for charity and was accompanied  by BBC Radio 1 with Abba and the sound of a toilet flushing… But despite this walks by the river and the views from the bridges were among my favourite moments in London.


We came back in the evening to see the city lights from Waterloo Bridge…


…and couldn’t resist a few touristy shots…


So, we’ll definitely be back next year to explore and experience the things that didn’t fit into our week! See you, London!


Next up: London post No.2 – Curiosities

Back home


This is the view I enjoyed last Sunday but now I’m back home and slightly restless. For a whole glorious week waking up every morning meant looking forward to something new, something I’d never seen before.


The big post with lots of London sights and stories will come but for now a short summary will have to be enough: I’ve fallen in love with London. And promised myself to go and live there for some time before I turn forty. There, I put it in writing! So, feel free to come and poke me in the next seven years if I’m still here at home.
For now, I’m looking forward to going back next year, finishing my back-to-uni-cardigan (body nearly done, first sleeve halfway through), starting cello lessons, a great concert next week and soon the beginning of my favourite season!