London – curios

I have to confess I’m a bit embarrassed about my first London post and thought about taking it down. Not because of the pictures – those are great (not my work) but because of the text. I’ve written lots of drafts I deleted and after a week I decided it wouldn’t get any better and just posted it. Let’s just say I’m good at writing academic stuff and I can drop Latin phrases with the best of them and I’m ok at writing everyday stuff. I’m leaving said post online as a reminder to myself to steer clear of any attempt to produce a ‘profound’ text (at least in English) ;-)!

So, back to the lighter stuff and as promised a few of our London moments that left me either laughing, speechless or just very pleased.



1 Big brother is watching you


Found in West Hampstead, near our guesthouse. We felt much safer !


2 Five espressos, please! Just put them in one cup!


The giant cup of coffee M needed every morning. The first time I wondered how he could even lift this before his first caffeine injection…


3 Giant horse invades Hampstead Heath


And it could fly as well!

4 West Hampstead Tube goes classic


They played classical music at the Tube station every evening – very nice!

5 Oranje! or Orange, baby!


You won’t overlook this shop. But you can’t really see what they sell either, for all that eye-searing orange…

6 Yes, how may I help you?


Polite squirrel in Hyde Park…


7 The squeaking Scotsman


Worst piper ever! Maybe they chucked him out of Scotland…


There will be one last post about our London adventure. I’ve finished the Eternity Scarf (I’m wearing it right now, unblocked and with the ends still hanging out) and I’ve finally managed to do some much-needed flat maintenance. Now I just need a nice Sunday before uni starts on.