New flatmate

Well, against all odds I’m back here before my trip to London! And I’ve got something exciting to show you:


I thought of making a small picture puzzle out of this, revealing only a tiny part of the photo at a time and making you guess what it is. But… nah, I’m too busy alternating between grinning like a loon and looking lovestruck at my new flatmate…


Well, not THAT busy, obviously 🙂


And there it is – my first ever Cello. Right now it’s rented but if I decide to enter into a more permanent relationship with my shapely new flatmate I can buy it.
I’m both awed and intimidated by this instrument since I’ve never handled a Cello before. I’m taking private lessons with a very nice Cellist as soon as I’m back from the UK and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve toyed with the idea of learning to play a bowed instrument for ages but it just never happened. Now I’m nearly 33 and starting with an instrument one usually should begin to play at age 5-8 🙂 I suspect I’m in for a time of sore muscles and fingers…

And speaking of sore fingers (and please excuse the bloody awful picture):


Knitting a cardigan on 3,5 mm needles takes a very long time. I’ve managed to separate the sleeves and I’m reasonably certain I’ll have this finished before the semester starts. Six weeks to go!