The Lure of the crocus

Every year, as soon as the sun starts to come out more and more and it is getting warmer day by day, I’m drawn to the park next to the Rhine not far from my flat. Some years ago the city council organized an event to plant a wide band of crocuses along the outer path of the park. Come spring, they bloom and form a meandering lilac -blue stripe – just beautiful!



Crocuses have always heralded spring for me and I’m totally fascinated by how the densely planted stripe can look like a luxurious carpet!


It reminds me of a childhood memory in which I recall standing at the top of what looked like a bluish-green sea that turned out to be  a field of red cabbage. I wish I had a picture of this memory…


Anyway, I’m not the only one lured to the Rhine by the crocuses – there are always lots of people kneeling amidst the flowers and balancing in odd positions to capture the crocuses from a new perspective.


I may have lain flat on the ground myself to take the picture above ;-)!
So, have you seen any crocuses lately? Enjoy them!