A grand day out

After a hectic first week of the new semester I decided to believe the weather forecast and spent the probably last sunny day of October  – yesterday – outside!

Today I’ve already “had a row” with the lovely people from our examinations department – the hazard of red tape – and dragging my heavy notebook to the library on a tram stuffed to the brim was no picnic either.

So, I’m really glad I had such a nice walk yesterday and I’ve sneaked back to flickr to lighten my mood the whole morning (it’s Monday, after all). Have a look:




I seem to have developed a slight obsession with bridges since our London adventure so I took the path along the Rhine to the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge upstream and crossed the river. The sparsely developed left river bank adds a sense of open space and vastness which is usually lacking in the city.



Getting down from the bridge and back to the river bank turned out a bit tricky but involved walking under these beautiful trees…


Good thing I’m so short, the branches were very low.

Then it was back to the Rhine walking downstream…


I seldom walk on this side of the river which is a pity because the view is really nice from here:



My father and I used to come here sometimes when I was little to look for shells and skip stones. Lots of those to find on the beach! Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my skills in skipping stones 😦


There were some early kites even though it wasn’t really windy enough, but what a lovely old-school kite!



…and lots of people just sitting in the sun, having a picnic and enjoying the afternoon. I forgot to pack something to eat or drink so  I took to the bridges again on my way home towards a much needed cup of tea .



As you can see I was not the only one having a grand day out!




Now it’s back to work and back to knitting tonight – weather forecast tells me I really need to get my cold weather gear in order!

Have a nice week!