It seems like spring has made several attempts to gain the upper hand in the last weeks, but it’s still cold enough in the mornings to wear wool! The new semester is only two weeks away and I am neck-deep in preparations for my classes.

Fortunately, there has been enough time for other things like reading, knitting and spinning (and busting my overall budget with fibre and books purchases).


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new event on Ravelry that has since then occupied most of my free time – the MegaSAL (link to Ravelry group). This Spin-along / book club brings several hand-dyers together in designing colourways based on the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels and the participants in reading the novels and spinning up said Fibre from april to the end of June. Although I had heard about him I hadn’t read a single book by Terry Pratchett before (don’t ask me why – I don’t know!) but since I joined the group I have devoured the first seven books in the series and have fallen in love with Ankh-Morpork, Rincewind and the Luggage, the Witches and Death and I’m very glad there are another 37 books to read, with a last novel being published sometime this year. Sadly, Terry Pratchett passed away little over two weeks ago but I am grateful he left such a legacy of wonderful, satirical and funny stories.
To prepare for the SAL I have nearly managed to clear my bobbins and I have scored a lot of lovely fibre which is now slowly making its way through customs and the post to my wheel. That means I have lots of finished yarn and a bit of knitting to show you!

1. Shetland project

Ages ago my obsession with Fair Isle knitting made me attempt to divide some lovely hand-dyed Shetland by Southern Cross Fibers into its different colours and spin it up for a colour work project.


Separating the colours proved difficult so the result is not ideal but combined with a neutral colour I think it will be fine.


2. Getting back my spinning mojo

Since I spent very little time at my wheel I felt I needed to get back into the rhythm before the Spin Along. I grabbed random braids out of my overflowing stash and got to work:

Combo spin with Southern Cross Fiber Club “Metamorphosis” and “Sweet Wine” both on Corriedale (349 m/ 220 g)


Crown Mountain Farms Blue Face Leicester Top, 429 m / 100 g


I have another SCF braid on the wheel at the moment and there is some knitting getting done as well (sorry about the picture, I can’t get it to rotate the right way):


It’s another Honey Cowl (and another obsession), this time in Southern Cross “Dark Wing”.
I always have to think about “Darkwing Duck”, a cartoon my little sister used to watch and which is a perfect transition to a recent arrival to our garden pond:


I haven’t seen them for a few days now but maybe they were put off by the loudly snoring hedgehog who spends the whole night directly under my bedroom window…

So, I’ll be back on April Fool’s Day with tales of our marvellous Spin-Along kick-off with cider :-)! It will be quantum*!

* in: Pratchett, Terry: “Pyramids”

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