fresh air

After a weekend spent on my sofa gasping like a stranded whale it seems possible to breathe again today. I even managed to take some pictures of recent knits and spun yarns but for now i’m sitting at the river.


Weather forecast had warned us about very high humidity and again temperatures around 30 degree (celsius, obviously). Thankfully, there’s a strong breeze and the sun is mostly hidden by clouds.

I’ve been really glad about a recent aquisition which made getting from my private sauna aka my top-floor flat to marginally cooler places (can you guess that I really don’t like summer?!) a bit easier – my new bike!


(unfortunately, the fallen leaves are not a sign of autumn. They’ve been more like… barbecued on the tree)

Since I’m a bit reluctant to return to my flat this post comes to you from the next park over, where I plan to stay until my home has cooled down a bit  (which will probably take until the end of the week but at least until Wednesday).

On that hopeful note I’ll stop my post. I will be back soon with some actual wooly content and plans for my trip to London. See U


One thought on “fresh air

  1. Philippa 20. August 2012 / 10:27 pm

    Handsome bike!

    It has been pretty hot here (be warned), but luckily I love it. Yesterday we had a picnic on the Heath some of our best friends and champagne, pizza and French cricket*. We were all running around in our summer dresses trying ineptly to catch each other out as the sun set. It was idyllic. It is also felt super English!

    Hope your flat cools down soon … xxx

    *i.e with a tennis ball and tennis racket rather than the very hard cricket ball and bat!

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