Fibre explosion

I’ve been really busy recently, mostly because I have checked my priorities and number one on that list is working on my dissertation as much as possible. Add to that teaching three classes and some much-needed fun on the side and whoosh – another month gone without a blog post. I’m afraid this will happen again, but for now I have a bit of crafty goodness for you.

There has been knitting but somehow I have spent much more time on my spinning wheel in the last weeks. This is both nice in terms of practice and very necessary because I amass around 8 oz of fibre every month without doing anything. I’m really happy I got the invitation for the Southern Cross Fibre Club but there are storing space issued to consider. Since I still have options for storing I have no intention of cancelling the subscription so I took the train to Ikea yesterday to buy some more boxes :-)!


I know compared to others my stash is small but for me it already has a significant size. Some organisation was definitely in order! My fibre is now ordered by designer as this was the easiest way – I did contemplate ordering by fibre type or colour family but in the end I couldn’t be bothered :-). What I managed to do is finally take a picture of every braid and bag of fibre I have and put it in my Ravelry stash. There!

Apart from organizing it I actually finished spinning some fibre, too!


This is the first bobbin of SCF Club November 2011, colourway ‘Dirt’. It’s a lovely Falkland and very soft.

The stats:
SCF Club ‘Dirt’
Fibre: Falkland
method of spinning: modified long draw
2 ply

I have another bobbin plied but not washed yet and I don’t know the meterage but the weight is somewhere between a heavy lace-weight and a light fingering-weight. Should be enough for a shawl!

Right now I have something novel on my wheel – Southdown! – but I’ll save this for another post :-).
So, have a nice Sunday or a lovely long weekend if your from the UK! I’ll be back soon with the Southdown and more fibre news (maybe some knitting as well, and my new bike….)


2 thoughts on “Fibre explosion

  1. Nat @ Made in Home 31. July 2012 / 3:47 pm

    Looks amazing – and yeah for more boxes and not considering cancellation!

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