End of the week

Frankly, I’ve had a horrible day yesterday. When I came home from work I barely managed some much-needed household maintenance and then collapsed on the sofa for bad telly and some knitting.

I’m on a bit of a sweater binge and I’m planning to knit six sweaters and six pairs of socks in 2012. The first cardigan is well on its way: I cast on for a Tea Leaves Cardigan last week.


I’m using New Lanark DK in ‘Blueberry’ which is a nice dark lavender shade with a rustic look and feel to it.

Because it has been exceptionally dark and rainy all week and had to take my knitting and camera to work and stage a small photo shoot in my office.
Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to calculate my actual size and this sweater turned out too big – AGAIN! So, I sat down on my sofa Wednesday evening and ripped back to the point where I separated the sleeves and omitted the extra stitches the pattern told me to cast on under the arms. Looks better and now I think that this could have been the same issue with the too wide Idlewood. Every other sweater with Raglan construction I’ve knit so far simply closed the gaps under the arms without additional stitches which made for a good fit.
I’m very eager to finish this project by the end of January, both because I want to wear this badly and because I bought yarn and pattern for Kate Davies rams and yowes blanket. I’m a big fan of her designs and I loved knitting her latest hat, the sheep heid (which I haven’t posted about, yet).
Right, time to get back to work! Have a nice weekend!


One thought on “End of the week

  1. barefootrooster 13. January 2012 / 2:07 pm

    that yarn is absolutely gorgeous — what a happy color! and i don’t know what it is, but for awhile was making sweaters that were too big for me — i think i just didn’t trust the ease recommendations, or the power of blocking. i don’t worry so much now about making things that are a bit smaller than my circumference…and so far so good! length, on the other hand, i’m much worse at estimating properly…hope today is a better day!

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