A weekend of WiPs or Facing the facts

I seem to have very bad mojo when it comes to sweaters lately. Another story of a knitting disaster – seems like a trend but at least the Christmas presents I’m knitting remain safe (so far).

After finishing 28thirty I immediately cast on for another sweater to ‘get back on the horse’ and because the spring-like November had finally given way to more appropriate temperatures.




As usual, I’m late for the bandwagon and decided to knit Idlewood a year after almost everyone seemed to be working on this sweater. Since I’m short I knew the original length suggested in the pattern would look ridiculous on me and draw very unwanted attention to my hips.



As you can see above I took the picture in very bad lighting conditions. This turned out to be a grave mistake. Since I currently come home after dark it took me until this weekend to face the facts: This sweater is too big for me. There are folds of fabric to the left and  right of the Raglan lines both on the front and the back. Although I often tend to try and disguise some of my more voluptuous curves I’ve long since realized that wearing baggy clothes ist not the best way to do so. Especially not in an area (read: my boobs) where I’m actually endowed below average.

So, after a night of bad sleep and a period of even worse mood I let it rip  and frogged my poor (and nearly finished) Idlewood all the way back to the last row of the cowl. It now looks like this again:


I’m a bit embarrassed: This is after all a top-down sweater which should make getting the fit right a walk in the park. Obviously not for me!

The only good news about this is the condition of the yarn. I’m using New Lanark Donegal Silk Tweed Aran and it held up beautifully despite the strain the frogging put on it. This should be good news on the pilling issue…

I’m knitting the size 40 now but since my bust measures something between this and the 43 3/4 I’ll definitely put the stitches on a piece of string and try it on before separating body and sleeves. Keeping my fingers crossed..

On a different note I managed some Christmas baking this weekend but didn’t take any pictures. My office-mate is very happy about the results!
Also, I finished my Sheep Heid!!! I’ll show you next weekend.


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