The return of the flock



Yep, it’s that time again – today uni starts and with it comes the return of the flock called students. This semester it seems as if their number has tripled. While listening to the radio  this morning I learned that this term sees the largest number of  fresher ever counted in North Rhine Westphalia and it certainly shows. One of the classes I teach will have 110 participants…

Another slightly unpleasant side-effect is the overcrowded campus. It’s back to scheduling our lunch hour exactly right so as not to have to wait 40 minutes in line to get to the food and then waiting the same time span to pay for it (resulting in perpetually cold meals).

Back to taking the tram to work either extremely early or in the middle of morning classes and  – more important – to avoid leaving campus when everybody else does. The similarity to London rush hour on the Tube fails as soon as you enter the Tram and wish you had packed the earplugs – my limited amount of this London experience was sweaty, claustrophobic and stressful but also blissfully silent. No such luck here.

Ok, I’ll quit whining here. Everything will be fine and I’ll try to keep calm and carry on 🙂

Still no pics of my Eternity Scarf – the photo shoot fell through due to rain. Back to work now! Have a nice week!



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