Achievement and autumn


It’s here, finally! After a ridiculously warm September it started raining today and the temperature has just dropped to a moderate 16 ° C! As much as I love this season (even the rain!) this also means bad times for picture-taking. The lighting in my flat is already low when I get home from work so I will have to resort to take my photos at the office or on the weekend from now on.
Since the new semester is about to start my week’s been very busy, but in a good way. It seems I work better under pressure whether it’s a deadline or the need to juggle lots of obligations at the same time so instead of freeing up my evenings to recompense for days filled with work on a dissertation I can’t keep myself motivated to work on I now aim to fill my week up with lots of things – taking a class in ‘Writing English for academic purposes’ on Thursdays, Cello lessons on Wednesdays, going to our local knitting meet-up on Tuesdays and I need to fit in some sports for my back.
First evidence this worked can be seen in the progress I made on my dissertation research – I’m working on the outline of the first chapter, found some more words for my list and I’m spending tomorrow at the library with my two pals,the Comprehensive Dictionary of Old English and the OED online.

Also achieved this week:

  • Spinning and plying of 4 oz Spunky Eclectic Falkland (drying at the moment, pics later)
  • Finished knitting the body of my Celery Cardigan (pics see above)
  • nearly finished writing up the London centric post

This week’s losers:

  • Dirty dishes
  • laundry
  • The lamp above my table and the lamp at the sofa (The lightbulb of the first burned through and since I haven’t had time to go shopping they have to share one lightbulb 🙂 )

My master-plan may need a wee bit of tweaking…
Coming up next: London!

Happy autumn!



One thought on “Achievement and autumn

  1. barefoot rooster 6. October 2011 / 2:48 pm

    these autumn photos are lovely. and hooray for dissertation progress! (the laundry will get done…)

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