In preparation of a post…


I had a hard time coming up with this post about London – I had this huge mass of images and bits of sound and emotions and after almost two weeks back home there are two things that stand out the most: 1)The exhilarating experience of getting up each morning and exploring and experiencing places I’ve never been before and 2)The feeling that the week in London was in fact a much longer time. Considering the number of places, museums, parks etc. we squeezed into these seven days it must have been at least three weeks.
And there’s the reason you had to wait so long for the show. How to transform all those impressions and images into a blog post?
Enter the lightbulb moment! I’m constructing huge spreadsheets of Old High German and Old English words which have vanished from the lexicon for my dissertation research. To make something useful out of a 1500 lexeme excel spreadsheet, I sort the words by topic. Simply! Effective (at least for my dissertation, I hope).
So, instead of one blog post about a week in London -which you could skip and just go and buy a city guide-  I’ll post a couple of them sorted thematically.
Coming up soon:Views!
Before that I’ll have to show you some WIPs and FOs!


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