I’ve got news for you…

I can’t seem to get back into a regular blogging habit (if I ever had one…) and this trend translates into other parts of my everyday life. I haven’t cooked a proper meal in weeks (which means I’ve lived on take-out and sandwiches) and I have a really hard time getting into a work flow with my dissertation research. So, what did happen if I can’t get anything done?

Good news #1


I finally got rid of my old sofa which was A: beyond ugly (think muddy grey 80s design with no sidearms) B: uncomfortable to the point of torture C: too short even for little me.
This gorgeous and cushy sofa came to my top floor flat thanks to IKEA and even made me nod off in front of the TV once.

Bad news #1

is directly related to good news #1:


Yesterday’s mail contained the new IKEA catalogue in which IKEA happily announced a reduced price for the sofa shown above. This means I paid nearly 100 € more because I bought it one measly month too early.
(This is an experience I usually take in stride when it comes to cds and books and only associate with my best friend M. who has been known to either whine for hours if he paid too much for a record or wander around with a maniacal grin if he paid less is another store.)
But this?! Bad IKEA!

Good news # 2:


Finally, a little bit of knitting! This should become a ‘Celery cardigan’.

Possibly bad news #2:
My gauge is slightly off although I already switched to a smaller needle size. Since I couldn’t bear to knit a THIRD swatch I’m following directions for a size smaller. I still hope it will somehow fit me.

Good news #3:


We’re leaving for a week in London next Wednesday! Since we’ve never been there before, M. and I will do most of the tourist things although we’ll limit ourselves to one museum per day for the sake of our nerves and backs. As for a non-touristy thing, we have tickets to see ‘Toots & the Maytals’ at Brixton Academy while we’re there. Yay!

Bad news #3:
My back started hurting about a week ago and I feel like I’ve been squeezed into a very tight straightjacket. This could spell disaster for the London trip: Hotel beds + walking around a big city all day = major strain to my back. I’m packing Ibuprofen, hot patches and my hot water bottle and hope for the best!

Next stop: London, St. Pancras 🙂


One thought on “I’ve got news for you…

  1. barefootrooster 1. September 2011 / 4:21 pm

    the sofa and the knitting look lovely. hooray for adventures — hope your back feels better, and that you’re able to enjoy London without too much need for the ibuprofen…

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