Tour de Fleece


Right now, it’s mostly me & the wheel at home – the Tour de Fleece 2011 is almost over. Last year I was still struggling with my old single treadle Louet and I heard about the Tour only after its end.
This year I’m totally in it! My goal was to spin enough for a cardigan out of Hello Yarn Superwash Merino in ‘Curiosities’. So far I’ve finished spinning and plying 16 out of 20 oz!



The last 4 oz I’ll get from a good and generous friend probably on Tuesday and my spinning wheel looked sadly empty on Saturday. So, I took a dive into my stash and pulled out some FatCatKnits Polwarth to play with!


The first two ounces are plied, washed and measured and I’m spinning the second half this evening.


I tried to spin this a bit thicker and n-plied the singles. I got about 70 m /2 oz and the yarn has 10 wpi. Should be enough for a pair of warm fingerless gloves!
Now, back to work – I have to make a mountain of copies for tomorrows exams and then the will only be grading, grading, grading…


One thought on “Tour de Fleece

  1. Svenja Vozenilek 21. July 2011 / 10:23 am

    Hey busy bee
    some pretty awesome yarn you spun over there! I always admire your ability to see the beauty in a batch, I’d have never even considered buying the Polwarth but I do think the result looks just ravishing. And I bet your curiosity-cardigan will be a real stunner. 🙂

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