Catching up 2

Welcome to the second part of what I’ve been up to during my two-months-absence! Today I present to you …..

my first ever 3 ply!



It’s Crown Mountain Farm Corriedale in ‘As above so below’ and it was really easy to spin!


I managed to wring 466 m out of 4 oz! Which meant no more excuses not to knit socks with it. Unfortunately I tend to felt even socks made of store-bought superwash sock yarn but I’ll just have to wear these at home on the couch and everything will be fine!


What you can’t really see in this picture are the subtle colour changes, almost like a Zitron Trekking Ombré yarn. Knitting these is going slowly right now because the Tour de Fleece is taking up all my free time! But those hours and hours at my spinning wheel will be worth it! More on that in a separate post!

Before I get back to the wheel I leave you with a picture of my attempt on cooking something tasty out of beets!


Love the red colour and I successfully avoided dying my hands! Those are beets in Thai Curry/coconut sauce. I still have a mountain of zucchini, cucumbers and cabbage to conquer this week!
See U!


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