Green boots…ähm… thumb


I finally remembered to take my camera with me to my vegetable patch today! Somehow I never got round to explain why I suddenly have a vegetable patch while still living in a top-floor flat without a balcony. So, here goes!
On a grey day at the office back in January I stumbled upon a link to an organisation renting out plots in several cities just for planting and harvesting vegetables. If you want to have a garden and grow your own veggies in a german city you either have to have a garden attchached to your home or rent an allotment. Now, “renting” an allotment is very often something more like buying an allotment which can be very expensive and is usually a commitment for several years. Another downside of german allotments (Schrebergarten) is the fact that you join an association and have to abide by its rules. Since a lot of this associations are a bit “bourgeois” and very conservative you could end up with neighbours and committee members measuring the size of your beds and the length of the grass. The nice allotments are few and far between and I abandoned this concept for me.
meine Ernte” (translated into “my harvest”) offers different sizes of vegetable patches for one year, pre-planted with around 20 vegetables, and provides the “tenants” with gardening tools and water. So, after looking at barefootrooster’s pictures of her CSA share for a long time and wishing for something similar here in Germany I pounced on this opportunity and rented a 45 sqm vegetable patch. The garden was officially opened just before Easter and since then everything has grown significantly!

Here’s the spinach:




red cabbage:


I wanted to take pictures of all vegetables for documentation but my camera gave up on me halfway though. There’s a lot more going on now and I will have to put up some netting for the peas and the beans soon! I’m off to make myself supper – red oak leaf lettuce straight from the field! I’ll be back with progress on the stripes soon! See U!


2 thoughts on “Green boots…ähm… thumb

  1. brokeknits 27. May 2011 / 9:27 am

    That’s a great idea! Your garden looks very green and healthy — and soon to be delicious!

  2. Svenja Vozenilek 27. May 2011 / 6:45 pm

    I just love your garden! I only wish we had something similar here in Oldenburg *sigh*. But it’s probably better we haven’t as I’m already doing a pretty good job getting distracted from my daily chores….
    [guess what I SHOULD be doing right now….]

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