A shadow of a blog


I’ve just realized I managed to ignore not only my own blog but the blogs I usually follow for nearly two months. I’ve lurked around a bit on Ravelry but that’s it.

In my defence I have to say that the semester has been a really hard one so far and I’m equally floored my too much work for the classes I teach and lot’s of guilt and a nagging consciousness because I spend too little time on my PhD. My great plans for the semester involved dedicating Mondays, Thursday and Fridays (plus the weekend if necessary) on my research and the rest of the week to prepare for classes. So far I had to use the entire week to prepare for my classes since I’m teaching Historical Linguistics for the first time and have to build up all material from scratch.

This leads to me feeling like bad academic and I’ve been wondering if I will ever finish this dissertation. I have frighteningly little results to show for the last three years but despite the guilt I’m often unable to motivate myself and simply MAKE time for the research!

Also, I picked up quilting my red monster again and thus my knitting suffered in a major way. This will hopefully balance out once I cast on for Stripe Study…

Another reason for my organizing difficulties is the vegetable patch I rented for this season. Due to the very dry weather we had for the last weeks I have been constantly driving out there to water the plants. I’ll look into building a clever watering system called Olla this weekend to provide a constant water supply for my tomatoes and the cucumber. (I hope I remember to bring my camera 😉

So, I aim to update once a week for now which should be manageable. Thanks to anyone who continued to stop by during my absence! I promise to be better!


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