Oh boy, I need to stop buying books … I’ve discovered two UK online bookstores with free or nearly free shipping to Germany, one of them with a huge amount of incredibly low-priced second-hand books. I may have ordered six books just now. Then, another two on the way from amazon, one delivered today and a local store had a bargain offer on English paperbacks… Well…let’s say my to-read-shelf has grown.

I try to think of this shopping spree as a reward for a productive week – I finished the first handout for the new class I’ll be teaching next semester and I’ll be able to complete the second one tomorrow. And I finished “Excellent Women” by Barbara Pym – I’m still struggling with the review though…

All this buying English books made me think about the fact that nearly all the books I acquired and read in the last year are written in English. While I’m secretly a bit proud (shhh!) I’ve become quite proficient in reading English based on the fact that it’s not my first language (and my students seem to constantly complain if I assign an English text for class) I seem to put a lot of pressure on myself because of this. I find myself standing in front of the crime and mystery shelf at my local library and struggling to pick books originally written in English – because I could / should read them in English! Totally stupid, I know and I deliberately picked up two Charles Todd novels in the German translation. (Sometimes I wish I had been born English 😦 ).

So, hopefully I’ll be back  tomorrow evening with a review on ‘Excellent Women’ and pictures of my new book piles – I plan to hole up in my flat until Monday evening because it’s the ‘fifth’s season’ again here in Germany: Carnival has arrived and I hate it. (I wouldn’t even be able to get to campus on Monday because of the parade!)


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