Late night spinning

On Sunday I sat down at my spinning wheel in trying to make some progress on bobbin no.2 of the beautiful HY fibre I’ve recently acquired. Once started, I simply couldn’t stop and at around 11.30 pm I had finished spinning the second bobbin! I had also developed a severe ache in my shoulders and was looking forward to a very short night ( I’m sure this has something to do with Monday being a nearly complete disaster…) but that’s another story.


Anyway, after said horrible Monday – where I managed to nod off at my desk at uni and had a fateful encounter with public transport (first bus didn’t come, second bus came to late and broke down halfway, then waiting for the tram which was stuffed to the brim with coughing and sniffling people,… meh 😦 ) – I sat down at the wheel for plying et voila! Finished yarn!

Here it is after the wash & dry:


I didn’t take a picture of the fibre before I started spinning but I had thought the resulting yarn would be a bit more colourful. Still, it’s lovely!
4 oz HY Shetland, colourway ‘minerals’
198 m / 4oz

Not sure about Wpi yet but I’d say somewhere between a DK and a worsted weight yarn.
I used a short forward draw with twist between the hands and despite all my worries it fluffed up a lot after the bath and is quite soft.

My next spinning project will be a 3pl fingering weight – I’m using Crown Mountain Farm Corriedale in ‘As above so below’.


I divided the top into three even pieces using a kitchen scales and fluffed up the first part.


Looking forward to my first attempt at a 3ply!


One thought on “Late night spinning

  1. barefootrooster 22. February 2011 / 1:54 pm

    nadine, your spinning looks FANTASTIC. what are you going to knit with that gorgeous yarn! and man, enjoy spinning the CMF fiber — it is exactly the right kind of way to deal with a bad day. that stuff spins itself — so smooth. hooray for 3-plys. (and boo to bad mondays. i had one too.)

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