PostADay – (or: I am crazy)

I have a hard time updating my blog so I’ve decided (quite spontaneously, and I think the dreaded pile of tests had an unfortunate effect on my brain) to sign up for WordPress’s PostADay 2011. So, for the rest of 2011 I try to post every day. To avoid the dreaded blank page and my usual struggle with titles I will have to rely on the daily inspiration post over at The Daily Post a lot but of course there will be knitting and spinning and the odd book to read about here. I’m taking it a day at a time 🙂 So, see you tomorrow!


One thought on “PostADay – (or: I am crazy)

  1. Silky Sienna 2. March 2011 / 10:51 am

    Off to a good start. I too decided to give this a try, and connect it to household projects, a sort of self-improvement program. I hope to cury up some support at some time. You really can do whatever you like…not just write to write- but find some challenge in your life and pursue it. I was very inspired by the film “Julie and Julia” where she cooks a new french dish or two a day and blogs about it. At the end of the year, she gains weight, completes the Julia Childs french cooking book from cover to cover, and gets a book deal and is featured in newspapers, radio and tv shows, etc. That’s one hell of a successful goal!

    So, if you ponder this notion, is there anything in your life you want to fix or improve, to make your blogging commitment more real, more emergent and neccessary to you personaly? Such that you might have a major (or minor) accomplishment for yourself at the close of this year? …just sayin…

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