Nearly there

That’s it. End of semester! Well, nearly. There is the tiny obstacle of an exam to proctor tomorrow and the resulting 120 tests to grade… Last week was a hectic and tiring jumble of bringing books no longer needed back to the library, checking out new ones, answering questions about said exam and very long days at the office. reading and writing emails…

Despite all this I managed to squeeze in a short visit to knit night in Tuesday (very nice), finished the first bobbin of the HY Shetland and went to Ikea for some new boxes to organize my growing stash of fibre! Doesn’t it look satisfying?!


Since I joined the Spunky Club and seem to be slowly creeping towards the top of the Southern Cross Club waiting list these boxes will fill up rapidly. Also, all that lurking about on the Hello Yarn Destash thread finally paid off – I scored 8 oz. of Polwarth in ‘Cauldron’ late in saturday night! Yay!

Knitting blogland is currently filled with Fo’s and I found myself wanting to have a Finished object, too. My main knitting project is far from turning into an FO so I cast on for some fingerless mitts on saturday. I used some Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend I had left from my Silky Ishbel and I finished weaving in the ends late last night. I followed the pattern for the Bainbridge mitts by Amy Goodstine and they were a breeze to knit!
I have to apologize for the funny picture but the wall next to my living room window proved to be the only place with enough light to take pictures. Until it gets lighter all my knits will either have to visibly held up against the wall or appear to hover there…

One more week filled with semester stuff and tests but after a weekend at my parent’s I will be able to settle into dividing my time between spinning/knitting and working on my PhD (note the order of the planned events!)
Have a good week!


One thought on “Nearly there

  1. brokeknits 13. February 2011 / 5:59 pm

    Yay!! I hope you took a few days to relax and celebrate the end of the semester!

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