It’s Friday and that not- so- great week is finally over and done with. I’m still tired (might be PMS, though) but that’s ok since I’ll only have to be on campus next Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday I’ll take the train up north to my parent’s. I’m looking forward to a walk in the snow this weekend – it started snowing again yesterday afternoon which turned into rain on my way home (and the campus into an ice rink) and back to snow later on. This  afternoon my backyard looked like this


I’m glad I don’t own a car and therefore don’t drive at all. Walking through the city is enough of an adventure for me 🙂

So, a nice and totally free weekend to look forward to! I plan to work on my Christmas projects – I made lots of progress and since the recipients don’t read my blog I took some pictures:



(Notice my hand holding the socks? The wall directly next to my window turned out the only place with enough light. Since I can’t make the socks hover in the air…)
That’s one pair of socks done and the other one started. Seems I will make it before Christmas!

I’m going to prepare dinner now and then settle down on my couch with my knitting to watch this:


My favourite Christmas film – The Muppet’s Christmas Carol! Have a nice weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. brokeknits 18. December 2010 / 4:04 pm

    Hooray for Friday! Glad you made it and have a relaxing weekend to look forward to.

    • mysmallplace 19. December 2010 / 9:56 am

      Thanks! Hope your enjoying your weekend as well!

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