Maybe I’m a bear


I feel like I should be hibernating – I’m tired all the time. Nothing I’d like to do more than stay inside on my couch or my bed, knitting, sleeping, …. But since I am not a bear I drag myself to work, do the absolutely necessary things, go back home, work on my Christmas projects as much as I can and drop into bed. Only to get up the next morning still tired. Man, that Christmas break can’t come too fast! My only consolation is that it could be worse – there could be a pile of papers and tests to grade on my desk (I’m feeling with you, guys!). Thank whoever we don’t have end of year finals in Germany! I only have to get through six days of work…
On a happier note: I finished Christmas socks # 1! And the snow is back! And I got some beautiful fibre yesterday!


One thought on “Maybe I’m a bear

  1. brokeknits 17. December 2010 / 1:39 am

    Wow, do I know what you mean! Good luck getting to vacation … almost there.

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