FOs and a little downtime

This week has been horrible. Chaotic and stressful and not because I worked my head off but rather because I’ve been so much all over the place that I had a hard time getting anything done. Maybe it’s the weather and I really feel like I should be hibernating now.

So, I took today off. Crawled out of bed around 8 a.m., and now I am sitting here with my second cuppa and thought I’d get a new post on the way. I did promise pictures of FOs, didn’t I? Well, only one finished object or rather finished yarn to show!



This is  BFL bought from Sunnyside Ellen on etsy, spun on my new Sonata. I aimed for a thicker yarn and overall I’m pleased with the result. The colours blend together in a stunning way and it’s really soft. I managed to squeeze 270 meters / 100 g out of this which should be enough for a cowl. I’m looking forward to knitting with this but I’ll have to get my Christmas knitting out of the way first. Oh, well…

So, I’ll have to get going now, lots of things to do! My plans for today and the weekend involve tidying up my flat, writing all of my Christmas cards and sending them off, lots of spinning and knitting, baking and cooking and maybe a spot of singing Christmas carols by candlelight tomorrow evening.
Happy Friday!


One thought on “FOs and a little downtime

  1. brokeknits 11. December 2010 / 5:10 pm

    I was having that kind of week, too. Not fun, especially not right now: finals mean there is no taking the day off. Let’s just say this paper I’m writing has suffered from my mood.

    The yarn is lovely! I think a little quality time with it should go a long way to getting back on track!

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