Although all the snow in my neighbourhood has thawed in the last days I woke up this morning to a new layer of white. So, time to show off those winter pictures I dragged around on my camera all last week and never managed to upload to flickr…

View from my window:


In the evening:


On Saturday morning I took the long way to the Farmer’s market and remembered to take my camera with me – well worth it!




I made some progress both in knitting and spinning and I’ll be back to show off some new handspun,  soon.
Before I head off to class (man, I need a break!) a last picture of my new ‘fancy dot robe’ (that’s what it read on the receipt :-)) which has made my evenings nice and cozy since last friday!


I look totally ridiculous in this so no pics of me modelling it!
Now, off to class…


One thought on “Cozy

  1. brokeknits 8. December 2010 / 2:55 pm

    More snow! I hope you get a little time to enjoy it … and your new robe! It looks super cozy.

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