Ten years

Saturday night I managed to drop my notebook on my living room LAMINATE floor. I was so shocked I stared at it lying there all pitiful for what felt like hours.

After picking it up with shaking hands and looking it over (not a scratch to see!)  I tried to boot it and – it worked. I ran a system check and everything is fine but boy, this has cost me at least ten years of my life. It’s a miracle my hair didn’t turn grey over night!

I’m really glad I bought a ThinkPad, I’m sure another notebook would have shattered to pieces on impact. As it is, only my floor took some damage 🙂

The downside of owning fairly expensive electronics…


One thought on “Ten years

  1. brokeknits 5. December 2010 / 6:20 pm

    Oh no! That is a truly awful feeling, just watching the computer fall and then hearing the thunk. So glad it all worked out.

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