Proper November

Finally! After nearly a whole week of rain (every day and ALL day!) and way to high temperatures we are back to proper November weather! Semi-cold but fresh and lots of mist (or fog, or haze or haar… don’t know which ;-))


Note that this is a recycled picture, my camera went to sleep last night and the batteries are still recharging.
Naturally, that means I don’t have a pic of the finished yarn I spun out of this:


I got 380 m of a sock-weight yarn out of this (Colour Craze Corriedale)  and learned that I’ll have to improve my technique when it comes to Navajo-plying. Pictures of the yarn as soon as possible!

Now I have a lovely and squishy soft BFL on the wheel which I try to spin into a heavier yarn!


I’m halfway through the first sock of christmas project No. 2 and made further progress on my cardigan. And I made apple pie on Sunday! First try and I really liked it. That picture is held captive by my sleeping camera, too…

Well, three days to go till the weekend! Now I have a quiz to prepare to torture my students with this afternoon… I’m already looking forward to christmas break.

Have a good day!


One thought on “Proper November

  1. brokeknits 19. November 2010 / 2:10 pm

    I miss fall! It’s just not the same here in Nashville. Can’t wait to see your yarn — the fiber is lovely. Happy Friday!

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