Things to do

My week is nearly over – it’s Thursday 10 a.m. and only the dreaded colloquium and my 4 p.m. class stand between and my weekend. Yep, this week work ‘ends’ today, mainly because I’m in desperate need of new clothes. So, a-shopping it is and tomorrow we’ll take the train to Venlo, Netherlands for this.

With all the christmas decorations and sweets already in the shops I found myself thinking about knitted christmas presents (after all, there are only about 6 weeks left to knit!) and made a survey of my current projects with the potential of getting in the way.

1. Gentlemen’s fancy socks


These are actually the only WIP for christmas and I’m halfway though the second sock.

2. Neep Heid


Again, there’s more progress than the picture shows and this could be a present, too. Maybe.

3. Wandering the moor shawl


Not much progress on this shawl despite the handspun, but I’ll get there. Definitely not a present!

4. 28thirty cardigan


This is coming along nicely and it’s a pleasure to knit! I hope to finish this before christmas but this could be a problem if I want to knit gifts for my parents. Not a present, obviously!
My mother asked for a pair of socks and my father always receives one for christmas. That’s two pairs to go and the yellow one to finish. Maybe a scarf for a dear friend and something special 🙂 for another one.
So, all in all a manageable list!
I just need to squeeze in some time at my spinning wheel, too! And time to read. And lots of time for work. And…

Think I’ll follow Katie’s advice and take it bird by bird!


2 thoughts on “Things to do

  1. barefootrooster 11. November 2010 / 1:24 pm

    ooooh, have fun shopping — and knitting en route!

  2. brokeknits 14. November 2010 / 6:05 pm

    Good luck! I think your knitting plans are sensible … hope shopping was fun!

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