I don’t like Mondays

I really don’t. And a Monday with me running on only 4 hours of sleep is not a good thing. Therefore, I dragged myself out of bed way too late for my usual library day (if you don’t show up at 8.30 am LATEST! you have a hard time finding space to work) and decided to stick to the home office. Home office +  very hard-won motivation to work = not a good  combination. Let’s just say my progress today (of you can call it that) is very small.

A peak at my “home office”


I managed to read a solid amount of the current book (actually I’m just taking a small break to write this) but had to treat myself to a few rows of knitting now and then to keep going. So, there’s progress alright, even if it’s just knitting progress.


The 28thirty cardigan is knitting up nicely and working on a top down Raglan is always so satisfying! So far the Drops Karisma is looking good, soft and with a nice sheen to it but I’m not sure if this will pill. Also, as I am using a DK yarn while the pattern calls for a Worsted weight the resulting fabric is very drapey which causes the top of the collar to flop a bit. Not sure yet how I’ll solve this…

Other things to cheer up my Monday:

I redecorated /tidied up my living room on Sunday and now I have an organized little nook for my spinning supplies (and a shelf to store the constantly used oil bottle) and a pretty St. Martin’s lantern lighting my window!



Here’s to hoping Tuesday will be a better day!


2 thoughts on “I don’t like Mondays

  1. katie m. 9. November 2010 / 3:57 am

    At least Monday is over! And, hey, small progress is still progress. I hope Tuesday is better!

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