Crazy week

Last week has been kind of crazy and stuffed to the brim with work. Adding to that, it was a bit short since I stayed at my parent’s until monday which was All Saint’s day and therefore off work. I had a nice weekend up north although it mostly rained. My parent’s vegetable patch needed some digging and we managed to put in some hours in the garden despite the rain. I finally acquired new wellies in a fashionable mud green which came in very handy!

On monday morning the rain had cleared up to a fine drizzle and heavy mist so my father and I took the dog for a walk.



Poldi engaged in a serious staring contest with this cow:


And although he seems to be standing still on the picture he actually wasn’t so pardon the blurry picture…


I managed to motivate myself to work on my thesis research from Tuesday on and had two encouraging talks with my advisor(s) about the method of my data collection. I see a lot more clearly where I’m going with this and will hopefully continue to be motivated.

After all this work I treated myself with the cast on for a new cardigan. After frogging the TwentyTen I haven’t managed to calculate the pattern to fit my actual measurements and I just can’t face this right now. So I pulled out the olive-green Drops Karisma I bought a while ago and started swatching. Thanks to several members of my knitting group who helped counting the swatch on Tuesday night I could start knitting the 28thirty cardigan by Zephyr Style. I didn’t get gauge but my swatch fits with the next bigger size so I’m knitting this. Taking pictures of my knitting is another thing and I finally resigned myself to dark and slightly blurry visual proof of my progress:


In the time it took to actually upload the picture above I managed to finish the collar and start the Raglan increases. Around here, daylight saving means it is still dark when I leave the house at 7 am and dark again when I return after 5 pm. Maybe I need to take my knitting and the camera with me to the office….

I’m off to the laundrette now and then I have a date with parts of a chicken and some red cabbage…

Coming up: Spinning and other weekend activities!


3 thoughts on “Crazy week

  1. barefootrooster 6. November 2010 / 5:23 pm

    sweet dog, lovely swatch — and it sounds like your new cardigan will match your new boots!

    • mysmallplace 6. November 2010 / 5:29 pm

      thanks! The swatch actually is the collar 🙂 and now that you mentioned it, they should indeed match!

  2. brokeknits 7. November 2010 / 3:24 pm

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! Good luck on the new cardigan and keeping up the motivation … not always easy.

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