I’m cursed!

I think I really am. On Friday the bell rang and looking back I think it had an ominous tone to it – this should have warned me.

It was the man from DPD dragging an overzised parcel to my top floor flat. It contained this:


Yes, after my less than satisfactory encounter with Kiwi I decided to order a Kromski Sonata. Now, I should be overjoyed and glued to the new wheel and at first I was. I dashed to the hardware store to get a cure for the squeaking treadles, applied it and the squeak disappeared. As I started setting up the wheel my good mood rapidly evaporated…

hiccup #1: On my wheel, you can rotate the mother-of -all which should not be possible. The metal rod fastening the mother to the frame is loose.
hiccup #2: The drive wheel runs uneven. It was the same on the Kiwi and one of the major points I’ll give it back!
hiccup #3: There is a mysterious noise. While spinning it goes ‘toc- toc – toc’. While plying the noise doubles and it sounds like there is an additional clock in the room.
hiccup #4: The base is not even. The frame droops to one side if I don’t elevate it with a piece of cardboard.
hiccup #5: All three bobbins ‘chatter’. ALL of them!

I could cry! I seem to be cursed when buying spinning wheels.I will have to call the seller tomorrow and see what he says.
The Sonata itself spins beautiful if you ignore the above mentioned hiccups. The noise is driving me crazy, though…
So, all in all, a miserable weekend. But, it can only get better! Right? Right?


One thought on “I’m cursed!

  1. barefootrooster 17. October 2010 / 4:28 pm

    awww. yes, it can only get better. i definitely think calling the seller makes sense — you deserve a wheel that functions as you expected when you purchased it! also, check the rav kromski forums — perhaps other folks have had similar issues and there are quick fixes for some of these noises/problems?

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