Good music and comfort food (or I am not getting any younger)


See that? that’s a concert ticket for the best show I’ve seen in years! Monday evening I went to see Wilco here in Düsseldorf at the Tonhalle. I’ve never been at this venue before as it is primarily used for classic and jazz concerts. I don’t think they have ever housed a rock concert before and the staff looked a bit out-of-place in their suits. There were some people in the audience wearing suits and evening wear as well which looked hilarious! All in all, we were a very tame audience, I think, partly because we were all seated (good for my back, a bit odd for the atmosphere…). Also, Wilco seems to attract a much older crowd here in Germany as I was on of the younger people there with my 31 years. Tweedy didn’t say a word in the first our and then said something along the lines of ‘you’re very quiet!’. If you look at this youtube video of their first song you’ll know what he means!

Nevertheless, the show was beautiful! Lot’s of songs from Sky Blue Sky, A ghost is born, Being there, Summerteeth and one or two from AM. They played California Stars from Mermaid Avenue and the person in charge of the lighting put on small lights in the dome during this – look like stars! So, great, awesome, beautiful show and definitely the music highlight of the year for me.
Although I was home by midnight (thankfully I came by bike and could avoid the crowd heading towards the underground) and pain-free due to being seated the whole time, I woke up bleary- eyed, tired and with a headache on Tuesday and decided to stay home and indulge in some comfort food from the English food store. Must be my age 🙂


After a good cup of Yorkshire tea and a bowl of porridge I felt good enough to to some housework, read a bit and spin a bit more of the EWB from Wildcraft.

Today I’m heading to meet a ravelry acquaintance who invited me to try out her Kiwi before I actually buy one myself. Since I post this from my office at university I’ll be off now for a quick lunch and then to brave public transport into the unknown (at least for me ;-))


2 thoughts on “Good music and comfort food (or I am not getting any younger)

  1. barefoot rooster 22. September 2010 / 12:59 pm

    glad to hear the show was fantastic — hope your test run of the kiwi was fun!

    • mysmallplace 22. September 2010 / 1:15 pm

      I haven’t been there yet 😉

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