Snail progress

I’m making snail-like progress on all of my current projects – let’s have a look!

Twenty Ten Cardigan:


I’m past the second decrease only to realize I will have to increase the same amount of stitches to make the bust-line actually fit my bust. No A-line for me!

Neep heid:


I haven’t had much patience to work on this so there is little progress… Every little bit of my slightly frayed nerves dealt with this:



I finished spinning the first bobbin of the Wildcraft English Wool Blend yesterday which means it took me almost two weeks to spin 1,25 ounces into – for my skill level – very thin singles. Sadly my spinning mojo left me -again -just half an hour ago: I made the thread break three times already and it proves nearly impossible for me to reattach the fibre. I’d be grateful for every advice on the matter!

What was left of my weekend between knitting, spinning and reading (yes, I did read – a little) was spent on revamping my sofa and making space for a permanent corner for my spinning wheel.



By the end of September there will be another wheel replacing my good old Louet – I’m going to buy a Kiwi! I’m a bit anxious about this because I will have to disassemble the already assembled wheel, finish it with oil or wax and then reassemble it. Hopefully I will show more skill in the do-it-yourself department than I do in using the wheel :-). My poor hurting back will thank me the purchase of a double-treadle wheel, I’m sure!
Next week: Wilco in concert at the Tonhalle, a date with a fellow Kiwi owner to test the wheel (although I already ordered mine…) and, as always, work, work, work.


One thought on “Snail progress

  1. barefoot rooster 19. September 2010 / 3:46 pm

    your knitting is lovely, and i especially love how your twenty-ten cardigan is turning out. love these shots of your home — and man, wilco?! i’ve seen them three times, there’s nothing like them live. i’m not as into the latest album, but everything from before uncle tupelo split into wilco and son volt on up through sky blue sky (which took hearing it live for me to really love it) is on constant rotation ’round here. enjoy!

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