Nothing to see

I seem to revert back to my former blogging behaviour (meaning a post a month or something in that area) which is not good. Apart from saturday the weather has been very much like autumn and that meant too less light inside my flat to take pictures (plus I am too lazy to upload even hypothetical pictures to my notebook :-)). So, what did I do last week?

  • I went to work and got some reading done (no visual proof)
  • made minimal progress on my Twenty Ten Cardigan (nothing to show)
  • sat down to spin the English Wool Blend every day/evening (Yay! Still, no pics)
  • went to knitting group
  • got very unlucky and caught a cold right in time for the weekend
  • spent Saturday and Sunday in bed / on the sofa
  • re-watched the first season of ….. Buffy 🙂 (shame, shame)
  • and finally ended up all alone in my office today once again to do my bit for the bureaucratic dream our university seems  to believe in (which included signing my name, noting marks and finally stamping all 130 application forms). Somebody shoot me…

No more knitting or spinning for me tonight, my hands and shoulders are wrecked (130 forms!)

I hope to finish the first bobbin of roving tomorrow and then start the second one. Keeping my fingers crossed that the twist will survive for about three weeks!

Coming soon: New audiobooks and hilarious videos on the net!


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