Got my spinning mojo back

Another week of semi-productivness at work – sitting at my wheel has kept me sane (well, almost 🙂 ). This means less progress on my cardigan, though, since I’ve been spinning nearly every evening. I’m still a total amateur when it comes to hand spinning but I’m getting better! Last night the thread of my current project snapped – a disaster because I try to spin as thinly as possible which makes it nearly impossible to re-attach the fibre. Success! I managed it!

So, some pics are in order, I think!


I plied one strand of royal blue BFL and one Merino in a mixture of blues and turquoises. I like the effect so far and it’s incredibly soft. I plan to spin the other half of the fibre and maybe knit up a hat. We’ll see!

Currently on my wheel: English Wool Blend from Wildcraft, colourway ‘ chocolate chip’. I’m aiming for a lace weight yarn, not sure how this will turn out!


I really love the muted colours, they remind me of a favourite flavoured black tea I used to drink (more on that later).

Fibre news: I’ve joined the Crow Mountain farm fibre club and today two Etsy orders arrived here together – lucky me!



Can’t wait to start spinning this!
So, next week simply must be better! Happy weekend!


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