Feeling blue and knitting green


Finally, this incredibly unproductive week is over! Last weekend I was full of good intentions to work hard on my reading list. I’m sad to say this just didn’t happen. Yes, I’ve read some and I spent four days at the office but it was no good. On top of this I have been tired all day (probably the weather) and I’m worrying over my uncertain job situation. My contract ends once more at the end of March 2010 and as always my boss is not very forthcoming with information about our future employment. I really hate this. Still, nothing to be done until october.

On a happier note I made some progress on my knitting projects. I’m well into the 15th round of the Neep Heid (no picture) and as mentioned before I’ve cast on for a new cardigan, the Twenty Ten Cardigan.
I’m using a really old yarn by Schoppel Wolle which is soft but looks like it could be prone to pilling. I’ll take the risk, I think. The colour and texture are very nice, though! I love moss stitch 🙂


I’m off to bed now. Tomorrow can only get better, right?

Plans for the weekend: meeting and old friend and celebrating another friend’s birthday.


One thought on “Feeling blue and knitting green

  1. barefootrooster 28. August 2010 / 3:31 pm

    love your how twenty-ten cardigan is knitting up. and yes, green is happy. and i think in the face of uncertainty, knitting certainly helps! have a great weekend.

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