New knits and old problems

After my lovely three-week vacation I’m back to my old problem: motivating myself to work on my thesis. Sigh. My reading list is extensive and the text I’m currently reading is necessary but nerve-wracking. The author seems to think lots of latin phrases and sentences with a minimum length of  five lines make his text look academic.

Lets’s hope the rest of my self-inflicted reading material will turn out less strenuous!

Now, back to some happier and more colourful content. Since I finished both of my lace projects and had only one measly (all right:two) little sock (s) in progress, I decided to start something new. Something to sweeten the time left before it gets cold enough to wear wool again. So, last weekend I cast on for Neep Heid by Kate Davis.
I had ordered the yarn ages ago directly from Jamieson’s & Smith but decided to try a colour work project with only two colours first.This year I’m ready to brave four!  I exchanged two of the recommended shades  because they would make my face look… not well ;-).

The yarn:


The brim:


The orange is more rusty and brownish in reality and the grey background colour dulls everything down a bit but I really like it. Won’t look like a turnip but who cares? (Except Baldrick, maybe…).
This project will take a lot of time because I knit like a snail while holding the yarn in both hands.
Should be ready in time for autumn, though, so everything’s fine!

I will need some plain tv-knitting so I checked out potential patterns for cardigans and decided on the Twenty Ten Cardigan. No pictures yet and I’m still swatching but I have enough yarn (very old, very green Schoppel) and will possibly cast on this evening.
Now I have to get back to the dreaded text. Maybe I’ll burn it instead….


2 thoughts on “New knits and old problems

  1. barefootrooster 25. August 2010 / 2:43 pm

    that hat is going to be fantastic — i have not ventured into the realm of colorwork yet. and i love the twenty-ten — can’t wait to see yours. good luck with that reading.

  2. Svenja Vozenilek 26. August 2010 / 11:17 pm

    Sorry, bin grad zu gar für Englisch-Output.
    Was für schöne Farben für Deinen Hut! Wenn Du nicht gut aufpasst, schnapp ich ihn Dir beim nächsten Besuch weg. 😉
    Ich.hasse.solche.Autoren! Hatte ich für die EW-Klausur auch. Und bestimmt steckt so ein Dünkel wie Du andeutest dahinter.
    Schatzi, willst Du eigentlich dieses Jahr zur Nadel&Faden-Messe? Ich bin mir noch nicht so sicher, ob ich will, ist ja kurz vor meiner einen Examensklausur….

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