FO: Icarus

Finally, I have a Finished Object to show you! Two, in fact, but the second one needs a thorough blocking first.

So, Icarus!



Pattern: Icarus by Miriam Felton

Yarn: Merino Superfein by Lanafina, colourway dunkeltürkis

Needles: 3,5mm

Knitting this has been a mixed experience. The pattern is really straightforward and not too hard but the first part was a tedious and sometimes boring affair. Getting the columns of yarnovers right took just enough attention to make this unsuitable knitting in front of the tv (at least for me) but it was way to easy to occupy me without a simultaneous activity. Therefore it took me a long time to get to the ‘real’ lace section. In the middle of this all went to hell – I ran out of yarn. This got solved and I finished it last week. Thanks again Susann for your help with the yarn! The new yarn came in a slightly lighter colourway but after blocking I think it looks really neat!


A word about the yarn: Lanafina Merino is gorgeous! Soft but sturdy and not too thin – I tend to knit lace with fingering rather than lace weight yarn but this is perfect! I’m glad I have a lot left over from the second skein :-)!

Enough for now and back to my reading. Vacation is over 😦


One thought on “FO: Icarus

  1. barefootrooster 24. August 2010 / 2:27 pm

    i love the subtle color change in the lace border — absolutely lovely. i hear you on vacation being over. boo to that! (i am off to campus for some last minute meetings before classes start…)

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