Back home

I came back home on Saturday to hot and humid weather and spent the weekend pottering around my flat, uploading the very few pictures I took to flickr and started a new knitting project (more about that later).

The time away was very nice although after three weeks I’m a bit glad to be back in my own flat, sleep in my own bed etc.

I spent the first week in the Netherlands, first in Friesland (Sneek) and then in Noord-Holland (Alkmar, Amsterdam). Amsterdam was great but incredibly busy and of course we tried to press too much into our two days. We managed to walk a lot of the city centre, took a canal cruise and visited the Van Gogh Museum but, boy, I was dead after that day! The lack of pictures is a result of lots of rain and our tight schedule but I’m happy to share my meagre pickings:

That’s Leeuwarden (not Sneek!)



My favourite place in loud, crowded Amsterdam was the Begijnenhof, a beautiful, quiet and peaceful courtyard hidden behind one of the busiest squares of the inner city.



After Amsterdam we desperately needed some peace and quiet and lots of space so Egmont an Zee seemed like a good idea, despite the weather:



That’s it, I’m afraid! I spent the last two weeks at my parent’s in East Frisia and apart from knitting related contents I only took one picture there.


That’s Poldi, our dog indulging in his favourite pastime: sleeping. He only opened his eyes for a second and went straight back to sleep after the picture.

So, now it’s back to work! I will be back during the week to share some fibre purchases and two finished objects!
See U!


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