FO: Spring!

It’s not a good idea to blog in my current state of mind – a lot of my brain cells have taken a hike because of the sheer stupidity I encounter right now while grading the end of term tests. The average student attending my classes is not stupid, but tests seem to bring out the worst in some of them. It doesn’t help that there are around 130 tests to grade until Friday… So, last week was swamped with end of term stuff and preparing the test and I desperately needed a bright spot. Here it is!


Corriedale roving by Old Maiden Aunt
140 m/100 g
Dk to Worsted weight


I couldn’t resist and after the yarn was dry I wound it into a ball and cast on for a hat.
Two evenings in front of the tv – voila: instant gratification!



Pattern: Stella’s hat (Ravelry link)
Needles: 4,5mm circular /Dpns

It fits great and the yarn feels squishy and soft. No to wait for cold weather…
The last week has been a pleasing mix of rain, cooler temperatures (around 20° C) and a spot of sunshine here and there – perfect (for me)!
Here’s a shot out of my window:


I’ll be off to Friesland next monday! Yay! Vacation! I can’t wait….


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