Spinning in the rain


It’s raining. Finally! So far, no thunderstorm in sight! Just a nice, steady rain. As a result my flat is once again a good place to be and I have been spinning on my wheel this morning before work and an hour ago I finished the first bobbin of a Corriedale roving by Old Maiden Aunt.


This yarn turned out to be nearly impossible to photograph, I think I deleted nearly 15 pictures before I managed this! I’m aiming for a heavy fingering / light dk weight yarn because I intend to turn this into acid green handwarmers or maybe a hat. I’m sure we will have a winter this year…

I’ve ordered some really nice BFL from The Thylancine and I can’t wait for it to arrive! In the meantime I desperately had to replenish my fibre stash – there was only some plain Süddeutsche Merino left. So I took the train/several trains to Mönchengladbach to Wollfabrik Huppertz and came back with this (please pardon the blurry picture!!!)


There’s some Merino in the top row, Space and royal blue BFL in the second row. Lovely fibre, and the best: I paid only 15 € total. No hand-dyed  fibre, though, but that’s ok.

I’ll be back (hopefully tomorrow) with a report on my first successful attempt on Navajo-Plying and progress on my knitting projects.


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