week #10

Hmm… I’m posting my recap of week #10 in week #11. My blogging behaviour reminds me very much of the way I wrote in my diary, there are huge gaps in between the entries and I think I used up only two books in 15 years. So, not the  best precondition for an online diary 🙂 I’ll keep trying, though, if only to keep track of what I did or will be doing in 2010. I did contemplate to write in german again, because it will take a lot less effort than trying to write good in English.  Not sure about that ,yet.

So, week #10. In short, I’ve been semi-efficient until Wednesday, got really tired halfway through Thursday and spent Friday on my couch. I visited the Robert Mapplethorpe collection shown in a local museum on Wednesday and went to Knitting group on Monday. I made some progress on my knitting, too!

1. Peasy


I’m working at the first sleeve at the moment since the pattern cleverly instructs you to work first the sleeves and then the body which is a lot better than working the twist of the sleeves every few rounds if you knit them last. (All confused now?)

2. New socks


A look in my dresser tells me that I’ll be in serious need of several pairs of socks next winter, so I started a new pair. Usually, I’m too lazy to knit patterned socks but this time I cast on for the ‘Gentleman’s Fancy socks’ from ‘Knitting vintage socks’ by Nancy Bush. It’s an easy pattern using only knit and purl stitches and I can knit this without looking at a pattern. The yarn came from the bargain bin of my LYS and I really love the bright colour.

I started spinning again yesterday so hopefully there will be some handspun to show next week!

Soundtrack of the week: Begin to hope by Regina Spector


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