week # 9

Wow. I’ve just realized that this is only my fourth post in 2010. Those first two months of the year were over in the blink of an eye and apart from work and well, work nothing much happened. Well, my parents moved north to East Frisia which now provides me with year-round free housing at the seaside but is still a bit odd. No more popping around for sunday lunch!

I managed to mark that pile of tests and master the administrational hazard coming with this (I’m still awaiting about 30 essays by the end of March) but I made no progress so far on my research for my thesis. None. Nada. Zero. This is starting to bug me and despite all my resolutions nearly half of the break is already gone without any progress. This has to change! I will spend at least half of tomorrow in the library. No more procrastination!

See the headline? I aim to post here once a week and this will save me the hardship of thinking up a title every time 😉

Apart from ‘work’ I did get some things done on the knitting front:

1. Socks


Yarn: Zitron Trekking Farbenspiel, Needles:2,5 mm, Standard sock pattern


2. Ishbel II


Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend (used about 2 skeins and a bit), Needles: 4,5 mm Pattern: Ishbel by Isolda Teague

I knit a larger stockinette section than the pattern suggests and the size large lace section.
I really like this pattern! The stockinette section is mindless, soothing knitting and the lace section is easy enough to knit during my weekly knitting group or in front of the tv. My second attempt is huge, though! I didn’t measure it but the wingspan is a lot wider than I’m tall so I’d say somewhere around 1,80 m or more. I had to ‘enlarge’ my living room carpet with a mat to block this!

3. Peasy cardigan
Since my sister bestowed a sweater’s worth of Felted Tweed on me for Christmas I have been searching for a nice cardigan pattern. I’ve settled on Peasy and started knitting on Wednesday. The pattern is easy and logical so far but fingering weight yarn on 3,5 mm needles will take a lot of time…


See you next week!

This week’s soundtrack: Sky blue sky by Wilco


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