Knitting plans


Last year I bought some gorgeous yarn from the New Lanark Mill, a historical Textile Mill in Scotland. The colours are awesome, the yarn is sturdy but not scratchy and I can really recommend the shop – great customer service! The perfect yarn for knitting cables.


I browsed through pages and pages of Ravelry patterns searching for cardigans with cables. I decided on a mixture of a basic RVU and a nice cable pattern courtesy of Luminen . I even knit a swatch which makes this my first swatch in about five years of knitting.

There’s only one problem. I’m way to stressed and busy to dare try a cabled cardigan in the next four weeks. My parents are about to move about 350 km up north, the end of the semester is near and apart from my regular courses to teach there will be a stack of approx. 100 tests to grade and 40 papers to read in about three weeks. I just spent two days all over town hunting for a new and reasonably priced mattress. I need to keep track of two growing piles of books, both at home and at the office…
Nope. No cables. What do I do to avoid madness and depression?

I meditate.


I squeeze yummy yarn.


I knit row after row of soothing stockinette with said yummy yarn.
Sorry about the rant! Stay tuned for more stockinette and some cables in the near future!


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